The Royal Court Theatre to premiere new play about the horrors of Gulf War

The venue will stage Jasmine Naziha Jones’s debut as a playwright with this piece set in and after one of the harshest conflicts in recent history. Co-produced with SISTER along with the support of Charles Holloway, the story stars Jasmine herself and deals with such universal themes as lack of cultural identity, parent-child relationships and generational trauma.

What’s the point of praying when there’s nobody who hears? The harrowing sorrow of those words has resonated way too loud in the minds and souls of such different people, all trapped in some personal battle which may happen inside, outside – or sometimes, even both. This month, London’s Royal Court Theatre will shed two kinds of tempest on its stage, the one that stems and streams from the awe of war, and the one that’s born from the scars of an inner void – when trauma and a lack of identity merge together in a ever-open wound.

Jasmine Naziha Jones’s debuts as a playwright with Baghdaddy, a piece set in one of the most tragic global conflicts in recent history and dealing with such universal themes as the quest for one’s own definition, as well as generational suffering and parent-child relationship. Originally developed as part of the venue’s Introduction to Playwriting group, the story revolves around Darlee, an Iraqui girl who realizes her ethnicity when the strife unwinds, leading to a devastating experience that she won’t be able to process at that moment, but which will haunt her for the rest of her life. “Congratulations! Your pain is commercially viable”.

Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

Directed by Milli Bhatia, the play uses clowning and memory as its framing device, narrated through the performances of Jasmine herself as well as Philip Arditti, Souad Faress, Hayat Kamille and Noof Ousellam. Co-produced with SISTER and thanks to the generous support of Charles Holloway, the creative team credits are completed by Jessica Hung Han Yun, sound design by Elena Peña, movement direction by Valentina Ceschi, and assistant direction by Melina Namdar. The fight direction is by RC-Annie and the dialect coach is Edda Sharpe.

Baghdaddy will run will run at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs from Friday 18 November to Saturday 17 December 2022. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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