EXCLUSIVE – Acclaimed music producer Jonathan Hay releases new Diana Ross-inspired single to celebrate Pride

The tune has been launched today solely on Primera Fila, where it will be available for listening until the full album is on sale in July. With the wish for it to become a new Pride anthem, Hay intends to raise awareness about the new anti-LGBT ideas and laws recently emerging around the world, and has been recorded in one of the villages with the highest rates of gay population in America.

With Pride month already running for over two weeks and the rainbow flags being raised higher than ever, one would instinctively think that rights and equality for the LGBT community are now safely secured. Thus, this celebration should only focus on the triumphs achieved by the modern world. But sometimes (too many indeed) reality strikes in its ugliest of faces – unveiling that saddening latent prejudice that some of us may have mistakenly thought erased. And just like that, new laws are approved to “protect” minors from “becoming gay” (never mind of course about the bullying and judgement kids will be subject to) or ever comparing gender transitioning to child abuse (some people do know how to project their flaws…).

But as a beautiful metaphor of the bright shiny colours representing our community, a beacon of light can always break through the gloom cast by those clouds of bigotry. And we couldn’t feel prouder (pun elegantly intended) to launch in our media one of those attempts to fight what should have already been buried. Today, worlwide acclaimed music producer Jonathan Hay is premiering, in collaboration with Primera Fila, I’m Coming Out (Diana Ross Reimagined), a new version of the iconic tune which had been previously covered by other legendary singers such as Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, among others.

“As much as I would like to see this song become a Pride Month anthem, I’m really hoping to bring attention to the Texas Anti-Trans Laws that wreak havoc on the trans community”, says Hay. “I recorded this song in Oak Lawn that’s known as the Gayborhood in Dallas, Texas- where I’ve been based for the last year. It’s truly appalling what takes place here in Texas. If we are silent, we are complicit, so we must use our voices, music, art and platforms to bring change. I’m looking forward to moving back to New York as fast as possible, to get away from the Texas government and politicians who are allowing this to happen to the trans community.”

I’m Coming Out (Diana Ross Reimagined) is from the forthcoming album Wish You Were Jazz, by Fat Beats Records, which will be available from July 22nd. Within the “Nu Jazz” musical genre, which blends sound styles of jazz and house music, this release is projected to be, according to Hay, his fourth-consecutive #1 Billboard Jazz.

Listen to the song here!

By Guillermo Názara

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