It’s our 5th anniversary!

Today we are on celebration! This week our website is turning 5 years, throughout which we have shared news, documentaries, interviews and many more contents non-stop – all along accompanied by the best artists and stage shows both national and international. With more than 300 posts published, we look back on our last season’s highlights – never forgetting the extraordinary machinery of effort, time and energy that has led us to where we are. Do you care for this ride?

One more year, the last week of January has arrived. One more year, there’s something magical to celebrate – maybe the most magical thing in the next twelve months. No, we are not talking about this season’s most important premiere, and we’re definitely not talking about the event no true show lover can miss. It’s just another week, and to many, it will only be that. But to us, the ones who are living for theatre, there’s no more relevant moment than this one, because it symbolizes one more year of news, documentaries and interviews. One more year that adds up to this long path we have been walking along for so much time – with us and for us. In summary, it’s one more year of life for Primera Fila.

This week we are turning 5 years old – very easy to say (if we want to use some kind of cliché). But even more than a cliché, it’s a faithful depiction of reality. Maybe some will not be impressed by this number, while others will see it as a true accomplishment. But what definitely we, the ones in the dark, only can see is the extraordinary effort hidden behind this figure. Week after week, month after month, we have worked tirelessly to bring you the best contents. It’s not easy, and to be honest, on more than one occasion you do feel overcome by this unending task that challenges your time, motivation and energies. But one only needs to look back and see what we have achieved over the last year to realise it’s been worth it.

Because it’s been precisely during this last year that we decided to expand our focus beyond our national boundaries, to start collaboration with the closest idea to paradise to those who yearn for theatre and musicals: the West End. Just a little time was necessary until we were already working with all the major and most important London’s theatre PR agencies. Soon we would be proud to share such special contests like our interviews with Hugh Wooldridge (The Best of Rock Musicals), Charles Hart (The Phantom of the Opera) or even Sir Tim Rice (The Lion King). But if there’s a post to highlight in this last season, that would be Love Goes Never Alone, a simple poem, but filled with a direct and much need message of support for the LGBT community. It was the result of 4 months of demanding arrangements (many of them at very unwise hours), but blessed with the collaboration of such renowned artists as Stephen Fry, Debra Messing, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Sharon Osbourne or Neil Gaiman – just to mention a few of a total of sixteen. Each one of them, the best in their field.

Many pleasant surprises have been brought by this website, and we expect them to be the prologue of many more. But there is one that will never be overcome, no matter how much success we achieve – and that’s your support. Because everything we have accomplished so far, and what we will carry off in the future, will only happen because of those people at the other side of the screen – reading us, watching us, sharing our work, recommending it and paying interest in it. Without you, this would not only not have never been the same – it would just not have happened. And because of this, to all those who follow us and trust us, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. To many more years living for theatre!

By Guillermo Názara

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